Term Based Permits

Campus parking operations are unique in that rarely does one permit ‘fit’ all the individuals who are registering their vehicles. There is a documented need to provide different structures for permitting to meet the diverse needs of a campus community.  C-Park delivers an innovative approach to managing permits for community members that allows parking administrators the ability to create highly customizable and flexible permitting options through the introduction of ‘Term Based Permits.’ Terms can be as long as semesters or academic years or as short  as days, weeks, J-terms, or summer  sessions. No other parking management solution meets your needs to set varying rates, availability of registrations, and eligibility to match your community population and their specific permitting requirements.

Self Service App

Parking is often one of the first meaningful engagements by an individual new to your campus community. The MyParking platform understands this and strives to provide a clean and frustration-free platform for your community members to:

  • Manage their parking privileges in advance.
  • Register for eligibility-based permits.
  • Review any enforcement action taken against their vehicle.
  • Submit appeals for issued tickets.
  • Make online payments for permits and/or tickets.

Events & Guest Management

C-Park offers a comprehensive platform that enables efficient coordination of parking for individuals not associated with your campus community.  Whether they are registering for a day pass or need a more extended duration permit as a contractor, the guest parking module ensures that you have situational awareness of who and why individuals are parking on your campus.  Additionally, by leveraging the event management features, you can streamline the entire parking process for organizers and attendees alike.


C-Park gives officers in the field a modern platform for enforcing parking rules on a college campus.  C-Park Mobile is a hybrid app available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  It leverages direct integration with the hardware of the device to allow for the following:
  • Precise GPS coordinates when issuing a ticket.
  • Camera integrations to document the violationand attach it to the ticket in real time.
  • Electronic notification of tickets via email
  • Push notifications to alert enforcement officers if a vehicle is a scofflaw violator or if there is a critical need to be on the lookout for a person/vehicle.
C-Park mobile and its enforcement features assist campuses with ensuring fair and equitable access to parking spaces for all students, faculty, and staff. In addition, it helps facilitate efficient traffic flow and reduces congestion. By enforcing parking rules, colleges can also ensure the safety of pedestrians and maintain compliance with local regulations, enhancing the overall campus experience for everyone.

Positive Revenue Streams

Delivering the parking experience present-day drivers expect on campus can be costly.  Electronic vehicle charging infrastructure, license plate reading technology to provide virtual permit validation, and real-time parking lot space management/availability can be significant capital expenditures. However, by leveraging the C-Park dynamic pricing model for permits coupled with a collection of parking fines through MyParking, campuses can generate the necessary revenue to support a robust experience for your parking customers.

Digital Tire Chalking

C-Park can be integrated with cameras or sensors from intuVision, Eleven-X, or ELSAG to alert enforcement officers that a vehicle has been parked in a named space for too long. With the LPR technology of ELSAG, the vehicle can also be identified.

License Plate Recognition

C-Park will integrate with world-class license plate recognition cameras from ELSAG. This will allow enforcement officers to use vehicle-mounted systems to check parking lots for permit violations and fixed cameras for parking lot ingress/egress.

Parking Lot Occupancy

intuVision’s camera systems integrate with C-Park to allow students and visitors to see real-time occupancy numbers for campus parking lots. It can also be used to display EV charging availability.

Individual Parking Space Availability

Eleven-X sensors embedded in parking spaces allow C-Park to communicate with students and visitors which individual parking spaces are available at any given time. It also provides for an overall occupancy count for each lot.

Mapping and Navigation

C-Park partners with Modii (formerly Spot Parking) to provide advanced, real-time maps of available parking spaces. And when the student or visitor clicks on a desired spot, Google Map directions are used to provide navigation.