A great daily first impression

Are the people you're serving tired of navigating the complexities of parking on your university campus? Say goodbye to their frustrations and hello to effortless parking management.

C-Park offers term-based parking permits (semester, academic year, etc.), time-based, event-based (sports, arts, special lectures, student recruiting), and accommodates a wide variety of parking rules.

Often parking is the daily, first experience many will have with your institution. With C-Park, residents, guests, and staff can easily use our Parking Management Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform.

  • Manage their parking privileges in advance.
  • Receive real-time updates on available spots.
  • Track their parking infractions withself-service processing.
  • As a result, guests can say goodbye to circling the lot looking for an open spot and hello to our seamless parking experiences.

User-friendly interface

Our user-friendly interface, customer-obsessed support, customizable solutions, and integrations with leading higher education technology providers make it easier for universities to manage their authorized parking spaces, optimize revenues, and fairly enforce standards that provide a better campus experience for everyone.

Keep your parking management from being a source of stress for you and your campus community. Instead, try C-Park, our cloud-based SaaS Parking Management Platform, and unlock effortless parking at your campus.


C-Park is a highly customizable software solution allowing users to tailor the system to their business needs and workflows. This level of customization will enable campuses to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and align the software with their unique requirements. By adopting C-Park solutions to match their operations, organizations can maximize productivity, reduce manual workarounds, and achieve a higher return on investment.


C-Park offers seamless and hassle-free methods for integrating with your various campus software solutions/applications.  We are certified partners with Ellucian and their Ethos tenant.  Additional options include flat file exports and API-based integrations. For unique requirements, our team of experts can assist in developing custom integrations tailored to specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient data flow across the entire technology stack.